On my way in


last week I took the DATA bus and, having missed breakfast, decided to bike through the drive through at the Hardees and get a biscuit, as I used to do when I came this way. (Ever tried to order at the speaker box at a drive through on a bike? Not possible. We are not enough to trip the magnetic whatever-it-is; you just have to bike around.)

The woman at the window greeted me with a big warm smile and a hello, which was nice, and I ordered my usual egg and cheese biscuit. Looking out across the street from that vantage I noticed that the old field, which I’d been fond of—it seemed like one of the few wild and historic places left in the Park, I always get the sense that things happened there—is being torn up and a big new building put in. I immediately thought it must be another pharmaceutical company.

I asked the woman if she knew what was happening. “Durham County Library,” she said, and I said, “That’s great! What a good thing.” It is a good thing. And now maybe I will actually go to the library. (Of course, what will happen to the one downtown?)

I wanted to say “That’s the best news I’ve gotten all day,” but the day had not been going on very long so it wouldn’t have sounded that impressive. So I just said thanks very much and smiled a lot. And she gave me my biscuit, and I biked along.

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One Response to “On my way in”

  1. Dale Says:

    Good news — the downtown library is not closing. This is a new regional library for that part of the county.

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